Fabric Department

Fabric Department

With a team of textile engineers and experienced purchasing team, we can actively buy yarn, weave, dye, wash to make the desired fabric or order production from domestic and international factories.
We specialize in knitted and woven fabrics, from as low as 120gsm to very heavy and difficult to work with like 500gsm, in cotton, poly, viscose, organic cotton and blends.
With the development of Vietnam's textile industry, we can create many unique effects for fabrics such as: dipdye, tie dye, stone wash, vintage wash, garment dye, roll to roll printing, and some Unique effects made by hand bring uniqueness to the product.
Our forte products are: t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, sweater, shirt, polo, hoodie, zip hoodie, jogger, short, hat and sock.
Smart-Fabric ® is the rigorous standard we set for ourselves to commit to:
- All products made with less than 1% shrinkage
- All products are made with OETEK certified


Due to the security of customers' images and designs, we collect on the internet the products we can produce for your reference.


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